It has been one year | Amalie Orrange Photography

One year, 12 months, 365 days, 8765.81 hours, that is the amount of time that this business has been a part of my life.  It seems like yesterday that my first wedding was approaching, nerves, excitement, anticipation all creeping up, giving me those dreaded yet so wonderful butterflies in my stomach.  Those butterflies, still to this day creep up on me.  After all that has happened in this year, learning the business, becoming an accountant, a client care specialist, being in charge of the stock room, becoming a troubleshooter, and mostly becoming a friend, in all that, those butterflies are still there.  I hope they never go away.  Those butterflies remind me how much I love what I do.  My partner, my husband and my best friend gets them too before every wedding.  He tells me about the feeling and it sounds so much like mine.  Those butterflies remind me that nothing this rewarding can happen without hard work, the hardest that I have ever worked.  I have met so many people, so many wonderful people.  These people invite me in to the most intimate times of their lives, times that will stay forever.  They start as strangers and end as friends.

As an extremely shy person, I thought that a career in the wedding industry was going to be out of my league.  Not the photography side, I have been sure that this was my calling since I can remember.  The side that required me to reach out, open up, and let people in, that was the side I thought I would have trouble with.  But, it is amazing what can happen when you meet wonderful people, people that let you in, tell you how much they love the person they are meant to be with, tell you about the crazy uncle that might show up, have a bit to much to drink, and dance all night.  When people let you in, you let them in.  I have cried at the ceremonies, the toasts, and the first dances.  And I have laughed.  Laughed at the conversations that happen before all eyes are upon you, laughed at the words spoken in the privacy of the dressing room getting ready, and the stories shared by friends and family.  Mostly though I have learned.  I have learned what it means to take advantage of the time that we are given.  Learned that when family is close, there is reason to celebrate.  Learned to love those butterflies.  One year, 12 months, 365 days, 8765.81 hours, a life time, a blink of an eye.  To the 19 couples this year that have trusted me with capturing the moments you will someday show your grandkids, I thank you more than you know.  Call me anytime.  Jeff and I would love to meet you for a drink.

Heres to the wonderful friends I have met in this industry, that have listened to my fears,  that have helped me grow personally and professionally,  and most of all that have been there for me as a friend.  Heres to my husband who has been the biggest supporter, cheerleader, motivator, best business partner and husband there could ever be. Heres to my new friends, and to the friends that I have still yet to meet.  May happiness always be plentiful.


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