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Hi, and thanks for stopping by Amalie Orrange Photography. We would love to tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are Orlando based wedding photographers. However, we do offer our services outside of Orlando and we love to travel!  We are a husband and wife team and we love photography.

We are Amalie & Jeff a mom and dad navigating our way through raising two wild and crazy kids who make us laugh so hard our stomachs hurt.  We are each others better half but, most importantly we are best friends. We have been called nerds but, we wear that with a badge of honor.

We love to tell a story through photographs, and believe that each wedding and each couple are unique.  If you have a love story and you want to share it, we would love to be that someone who can share it for you.  Call us we would love to meet you!

Orlando Wedding photographer Amalie Orrange Amalie's Headshots-42

Meet Amalie, she loves…

My job- Well I can’t really call it a job because I love it so much. I love the friendships that I build with all of my clients through this wedding process and after.

Starbucks -Iced Venti 2 Splenda light water Black Tea       (I worked there for 7 years, I am obsessed)

Running-This is my free therapy! This is where I am in my own world, free of worries and come up with some of my best ideas.

Anthropologie- I could live there, love everything about this store. I could spend hours looking at all the little knickknacks.

Old school hip hop- Tribe Called Quest is the best!

She is …

A mom

A wife

A photographer

An entrepreneur

Crafty as can be

Her favorite part of the wedding day…

When the groom sees his bride for the first time.

Orlando Wedding photographer Amalie Orrange Max & Ana's Engagament-145

 Meet Jeff, he loves….

Buffalo wings

Clint Eastwood movies

Playing his Banjo  (a lot more than Amalie likes listening too it)

He is….

A father

A husband

A firefighter

A skateboarder who is much better than falling of than skateboarding

His favorite part of the wedding day…

The father/daughter first dance, he sees himself in all of those dads.

We would love to hear more about you!  Call us, send us an email or better yet, lets meet up for some coffee (at Starbucks of course)

XOXO~Amalie & Jeff

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