Three Frames | Amanda & Mitch’s Engagement | Amalie Orrange Photography

We had a great time exploring Winter Park with Amanda & Mitch, a super sweet couple that are tons of fun!  Check out 3 frames from their engagement session last week.Winter Park engagement | Amalie Orrange Winter Park engagement | Amalie Orrange Winter Park engagement | Amalie OrrangeOrlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Photography

Featured On Style Me Pretty | Classic Southern Wedding | Amalie Orrange Photography

Happy Monday!  We are so thrilled to be featured again on Style Me Pretty! And, this time it was for Abby & Nick’s gorgeous classic southern wedding. Check out the feature here and show them some love. And you can check out their wedding blog here to see more.

XOXO~AmalieFeatured in Style Me Pretty Amalie Orrange PhotographyOrlando Wedding Photographer  |  Orlando Wedding Photography

3 Frames | Kristen & Andrew’s Orlando Wedding

I loved Kristen and Andrew’s bridal session, there were huge  100 year old oak trees and a big open field……amazing!

Enjoy these 3 frames XOXO~Amalie bride and groom kissing in fieldBride under veil Bride and groom sitting on treeOrlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Photography

Featured on Glamour & Grace | Amalie Orrange Photography

Yay, Chip & Lindsey’s Mad Men engagement was featured on Glamour & Grace website. Check it out and be sure to check out the beautiful love story film that Imprint Cinema did that goes along with it.GLAMOUR & Grace Featured engagement | Winter Park wedding photographer

Caitlin & Robbie’s Ranch Wedding

I have learned so much in this business so far.  I have learned that people love each other for so many different reasons, and even though the paths that brought those people together may be different, the outcome is the same.  Robbie and Caitlin’s path started with warring Indians, fighting to protect their territory.  Alright, so they were tailgating before an Florida State Seminoles game back in 2005.  Never-the-less, it was an exciting time to be a football fan.  This passion showed through when they walked down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife to the Seminole’s fight song.

These two love each other, you can see it in the way that they look at each other.  They also share a love greater than some may ever know, and that’s the love of their little boy Brody.  An amazing, wide eyed boy, who also played a big part in this whole process.  A few weeks after Brody was born, Robbie and Caitlin were walking on a boardwalk and Robbie asked Caitlin to see what Brody had in his hand.  When she leaned forward and opened his fist, he was holding a diamond ring.  The two made sure that Brody was involved throughout the entire process, making him one of the cutest ring bearers that I have seen yet.  Robbie and Caitlin held their wedding at his parent’s beautiful ranch house in St. Cloud FL.  The backdrop could not have been more amazing, horses in the stable and a magnificent lake, not to mention the weather was perfect.  I am so happy that these two invited me into their lives for this amazing event, I am grateful to you both.

Here’s to the amazing new family, may you always love like you do today.


LOVED Caitlin’s bouquet of peonies!Groom and groomsmengroom and his sonYou know I had to throw some details of the barn in there!Bridesmaid with BouquetRings on wedding pillowCaitlin had the most gorgeous dress, I especially loved the back detailing with the cutout .Bride with flowers looking over shoulderAre these kids not the cutest ever!Ring bearer and flower girl in fieldLakeside weddingLove this picture of Robbie smiling at his soon to be wife. Groom smiling at brideBride smiling at groomringer bearer hugging brideAfter the ceremony we headed out to the field right on the side of Robbie’s parents house for a few quick photos of the fabulous new couple.Bride and groom kissing in field Bride and groom with childBride and groom in field Bride and groomBride and groom in fieldBride and groom at ranch wedding floridaOrlando wedding photography, Orlando weddings photographer

We were featured on The Wedding Chicks!

So excited to have been featured on The Wedding Chicks website! Go check it out here and show some love.

XOXO ~AmalieThe wedding chicks featured photographer

It has been one year | Amalie Orrange Photography

One year, 12 months, 365 days, 8765.81 hours, that is the amount of time that this business has been a part of my life.  It seems like yesterday that my first wedding was approaching, nerves, excitement, anticipation all creeping up, giving me those dreaded yet so wonderful butterflies in my stomach.  Those butterflies, still to this day creep up on me.  After all that has happened in this year, learning the business, becoming an accountant, a client care specialist, being in charge of the stock room, becoming a troubleshooter, and mostly becoming a friend, in all that, those butterflies are still there.  I hope they never go away.  Those butterflies remind me how much I love what I do.  My partner, my husband and my best friend gets them too before every wedding.  He tells me about the feeling and it sounds so much like mine.  Those butterflies remind me that nothing this rewarding can happen without hard work, the hardest that I have ever worked.  I have met so many people, so many wonderful people.  These people invite me in to the most intimate times of their lives, times that will stay forever.  They start as strangers and end as friends.

As an extremely shy person, I thought that a career in the wedding industry was going to be out of my league.  Not the photography side, I have been sure that this was my calling since I can remember.  The side that required me to reach out, open up, and let people in, that was the side I thought I would have trouble with.  But, it is amazing what can happen when you meet wonderful people, people that let you in, tell you how much they love the person they are meant to be with, tell you about the crazy uncle that might show up, have a bit to much to drink, and dance all night.  When people let you in, you let them in.  I have cried at the ceremonies, the toasts, and the first dances.  And I have laughed.  Laughed at the conversations that happen before all eyes are upon you, laughed at the words spoken in the privacy of the dressing room getting ready, and the stories shared by friends and family.  Mostly though I have learned.  I have learned what it means to take advantage of the time that we are given.  Learned that when family is close, there is reason to celebrate.  Learned to love those butterflies.  One year, 12 months, 365 days, 8765.81 hours, a life time, a blink of an eye.  To the 19 couples this year that have trusted me with capturing the moments you will someday show your grandkids, I thank you more than you know.  Call me anytime.  Jeff and I would love to meet you for a drink.

Heres to the wonderful friends I have met in this industry, that have listened to my fears,  that have helped me grow personally and professionally,  and most of all that have been there for me as a friend.  Heres to my husband who has been the biggest supporter, cheerleader, motivator, best business partner and husband there could ever be. Heres to my new friends, and to the friends that I have still yet to meet.  May happiness always be plentiful.


The first look

We  L-O-V-E the first look.

There are few days that you plan for as much as your wedding day.  You spend hours on details, invitations, venues, food and guest lists.  This can all seem overwhelming and sometimes the intimate moments and the romantic feel of the day can escape you.  I tell everyone that the best advice I can give is to take five minutes every once in a while to just look around, see the day that you and your loved one have created and take a long look at the real reason you are here, your new spouse.

We are huge fans of first looks for just this reason.  It forces you to slow down and take note, quitely, intimately, and with the solitude that is so deserved on a wedding day.  The hustle and bustle of getting family and bridal parties and group photos done before making your big entrance into the reception can be nerve racking even in the most well planned and organized occasions.  The tradition of seeing the bride for the first time when she walks down the aisle, is something that can also be very breathtaking.  And as breathtaking as this moment is, it is also a very public moment.  We have found that sometimes the emotions can be a little more guarded when all eyes are on you.  The moment when all of this hard work, expectations and emotions meet is probably my favorite part of this job.  Seeing the tears, the laughs, the endless joy is something that many people don’t get to see on a regular basis and we have been blessed enough to photograph these moments for the most deserving people.

Every couple is different and every wedding is different as well, that is what we love so much about my job.  We enjoy being a calming voice during a chaotic and sometimes stressful day.  We enjoy looking back on the images that we have the pleasure to capture probably as much as the bride and groom themselves do.  We feel lucky to meet the people that we do and take part in the merging of two lives.  We want everyone to be able to see their day as something that happened exactly the way that they thought it would.  We always encourage a first look and see this as a way for couples to really focus on each other, before the festivities begin.  We also realize the first look is not the traditional approach but we guess we have always taken pride in “not being a traditional photographers “.  But we also understand that the image of seeing your groom or your bride for the first time surrounded by family and friends is and always will be an emotional moment that many people look forward to.  Just keep in mind that this moment will still happen, but with the first look, you got a little head start on the rest of the world.

 Most of our couples decide to do a first look for these reasons:

1.It is a great time to steal those last few moments together before all of the busyness of the day begins.

2.You get to spend time together and sooth all those nerves leading up to the ceremony time.

3. You get phenomenal pictures without the rush of  the sun going down or the rush of getting family, bridal party and you and your spouse photographs all crammed into the cocktail hour.

4. You get to enjoy your cocktail party with your friends and family.

5. And best of all you get that amazing moment of seeing each other  all over again as you walk down the aisle.

Here is such a breathtaking first look sequence with Sarah & Dave.

XO~Amalie & Jeff

First look | Amalie Orrange Wedding Photography OrlandoOrlando Weddings Photographer, Orlando Wedding Photography

Sarah & Dave’s Grand Bohemian Wedding | Purple details

Here are some of the gorgeous details from Sarah & Dave’s wedding at The Grand Bohemian. The flowers were to die for, of course Lee Forrest always does such magnificent job! Be on the lookout for Sarah and Dave’s full wedding post in the next few weeks.

Purple flowers clutch dresses wedding Orlando Wedding photographer, Orlando weddings photography