Wedding Albums

We love wedding albums! These are the albums we use for our clients, they are beautiful, study and last a lifetime and have a warranty to prove it! Here is a little about the albums :

Check out them out.

Amalie Orrange Orlando Wedding photographer

Look at all of these fun colors!

Virgin White

Forbidden Green

Passion Pink

Redlight Red

Sultry Blue

Smouldering Brown

Voluptuous Black

Which one?

Albums come in either leather or linen covers.  The leather albums have a hard substrate between each page.

The linen albums are 2 prints glued back to back, making them thinner (and less expensive to produce).

The leather album is substantially heavier and more resistant to damage (great for a wedding book!).

The linen album is lighter, with flexible pages (still photo-printed!), and makes for great portrait, guest books, or sign-in albums.

Full-grain hides feel better and are more attractive than fake, bonded-leather covers.

Lay-flat binding, no cut.

We hate to see a beautiful photo cut down the middle, so we build all of our spreads with a micro-fold, not a cut. Our binding lays beautifully flat, so each spread can be presented in all of its glory.Album paper won’t discolor like many non-cut books do!

They come in 4 sizes: 4×4,  8×8,  10×10,  and 12×12.

Fuji Crystal Archival paper

All albums are delivered in swank cloth dust-covers

Investment is between $450. & $1200.

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