Jamie & Josh’s Cross Creek Ranch Wedding | Amalie Orrange Photography

Driving to Cross Creek Ranch from our home in Orlando felt like we are on our way to the middle of nowhere, and that got me thinking.  What the middle of nowhere is for one is the center of life for another.  When wedding days happen, no matter where they happen, that time, that place and those people who partake are in the center of the universe.  To the couple getting married, even if the closest other person isn’t for miles, it wouldn’t matter.  The only thing that would matter is the love and the laughter and the friendship that only a wedding day could bring.

I saw first hand the center of the Universe for Jamie and Josh on their wedding day.  I saw the family gathered, the friends rejoicing, and the love that was being witnessed by all.  I saw the nerves, the smiles and the dances.  I saw old friends give speeches, I saw a mother dance with her son, and father dance with his little girl, I even saw a horse head photo-bomb the portraits.  Yes, even though it felt like a long drive for me, it did not feel far away at all.

These two love each other, that is apparent as soon as you meet them and I hope it is as apparent in the images that we took.  Their day was fun, laid back, and even had a bonfire for roasting marshmallows.  The beautiful Cross Creek Ranch could not have fit these two any better.  Yes, I have to say, this was right in the center of everything.  Jamie and Josh, thank you for inviting us in and letting us share this amazing day we will never forget it.

Here’s to Jamie and Josh: May wherever you to are be home, and may home always be the center of the Universe.

XOXO~Amalie & JeffCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch Wedding Cross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch Wedding Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Cross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingOrlando Wedding PhotographerCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingCross Creek Ranch WeddingOrlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Photography | Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Photographer

Venue: Cross Creek Ranch

Floral: Alta Fleura

Cake designer: Alessi Bakery

DJ: Harmonic Events

Catering: Hungry Harry’s

Brides gown: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids dresses: Vera Wang

Grooms Suit:  Jos. A. Banks

Three frames Jenn & Troy | Amalie Orrange Photography

Here are three frames from Jenn & Troy’s beautiful Bellalago wedding.Bride and groom orlando Bride and groom walking orlandoBride looking over grooms shoulder orlandoOrlando wedding Photographer | Orlando wedding Photography

Three frames | Jamie & Josh’s Wedding | Amalie Orrange Photography

Three frames from Jamie  & Josh’s Wedding at Cross Creek Ranch. Ahhh so in love! Cross Creek Ranch weddingCross Creek Ranch wedding Cross Creek Ranch weddingOrlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Photography | Photographer at Cross Creek Ranch 

Jamie & Josh’s Cross Creek Ranch Wedding | Details of Purple and Green

Everything about Jamie and Josh’s wedding was spectacular! From the beautiful venue of Cross Creek Ranch to the gorgeous bride Jamie and, the amazing purple and green details that Jamie worked so hard to put together. One word, PERFECTION!

Cross Creek Ranch WeddingOrlando wedding photographer | Orlando wedding photography

It has been one year | Amalie Orrange Photography

One year, 12 months, 365 days, 8765.81 hours, that is the amount of time that this business has been a part of my life.  It seems like yesterday that my first wedding was approaching, nerves, excitement, anticipation all creeping up, giving me those dreaded yet so wonderful butterflies in my stomach.  Those butterflies, still to this day creep up on me.  After all that has happened in this year, learning the business, becoming an accountant, a client care specialist, being in charge of the stock room, becoming a troubleshooter, and mostly becoming a friend, in all that, those butterflies are still there.  I hope they never go away.  Those butterflies remind me how much I love what I do.  My partner, my husband and my best friend gets them too before every wedding.  He tells me about the feeling and it sounds so much like mine.  Those butterflies remind me that nothing this rewarding can happen without hard work, the hardest that I have ever worked.  I have met so many people, so many wonderful people.  These people invite me in to the most intimate times of their lives, times that will stay forever.  They start as strangers and end as friends.

As an extremely shy person, I thought that a career in the wedding industry was going to be out of my league.  Not the photography side, I have been sure that this was my calling since I can remember.  The side that required me to reach out, open up, and let people in, that was the side I thought I would have trouble with.  But, it is amazing what can happen when you meet wonderful people, people that let you in, tell you how much they love the person they are meant to be with, tell you about the crazy uncle that might show up, have a bit to much to drink, and dance all night.  When people let you in, you let them in.  I have cried at the ceremonies, the toasts, and the first dances.  And I have laughed.  Laughed at the conversations that happen before all eyes are upon you, laughed at the words spoken in the privacy of the dressing room getting ready, and the stories shared by friends and family.  Mostly though I have learned.  I have learned what it means to take advantage of the time that we are given.  Learned that when family is close, there is reason to celebrate.  Learned to love those butterflies.  One year, 12 months, 365 days, 8765.81 hours, a life time, a blink of an eye.  To the 19 couples this year that have trusted me with capturing the moments you will someday show your grandkids, I thank you more than you know.  Call me anytime.  Jeff and I would love to meet you for a drink.

Heres to the wonderful friends I have met in this industry, that have listened to my fears,  that have helped me grow personally and professionally,  and most of all that have been there for me as a friend.  Heres to my husband who has been the biggest supporter, cheerleader, motivator, best business partner and husband there could ever be. Heres to my new friends, and to the friends that I have still yet to meet.  May happiness always be plentiful.


Amanda & Justin’s New Orleans Wedding

Here is my disclaimer:  This is my biggest blog post to date, yes I am slightly obsessed with everything about this wedding!  Read on and find out why.

People are constantly entering your life, some for a short moment, others for a lifetime.  Some of these people may have very little impact on you, others may be profound.  Some personalities are forgettable, others are bigger than the world.  Amanda is the latter in all of those statements.  She has a larger than life personality, she says what she means, she makes those around her better, she laughs a lot, and you always feel like an important person when in her company.  I have had many people come into my life, but friends like Amanda are few and far between.  She has been with me through the toughest times of my life and also through the best.  She was there for me when I walked down the aisle 10 years ago.  She gave me words of encouragement on my big day, and I have never felt that there was anything I could not share with her.  Amanda called me a few years back and told me of this “boy” that she met.  She told me that he was driven, good looking, smart, funny, and most important made her happy.  I could not have been happier for her.  Everyone needs someone like her in their life, and everyone like her needs someone like Justin in their life.  He is thoughtful and kind, and I don’t throw those words around easily.  He is one of those people that you feel you have known for a long time, the first time you meet him.  He made Jeff and I feel welcome, and invited us into his life with open arms.  He is a Naval Officer, and the nobleness of his career path speaks volumes about the character that lies within.  When Amanda told me that she was getting married, I did not, for one-second worry about the rest of her life, I knew that this man and this woman would take care of each other no matter what life threw at them.

Needless to say when Amanda asked me to come to her wedding and take part in this, one of the most important days of her life, there was no hesitation.  Jeff and I flew into New Orleans to be greeted with a party. ( The party wasn’t technically for us, but with these two they make you feel like it is.)  We met the most amazing people and made friends that will have a lasting effect on the both of us.  During her wedding I cried, I cried when her maids of honor were giving speeches that came from a place that only people that truly know Amanda could come from.  I cried when I first put some images together for her.  And I have no doubt that I will probably cry again looking back at this happy time.  Now I know that I am really emotionally invested in these images since someone I truly love is in them, I realize that, but if Amanda and Justin look at these images and feel the same, I know I captured their day the way it was meant to be captured.  New Orleans is a magical place, filled with music, art, food, laughter and fun and I can think of no place more fitting than this for one of my best friends and her incredible husband to get married.  From the trolly rides, to the Frenchmen Street bars, to the roof top party, to the brass band playing your during your grand entrance, to the smiling bride and groom, I could not imagine the weekend going any better.  I love you Amanda and Justin, and I can’t thank you both enough for letting Jeff and I take part in this amazing occasion.

Here’s to Justin and Amanda, may everyone find friends like you and may everyday you hear that brass band and smile.

XOXO-Amalie & Jeff
French building in New Orleanswedding shoesbride putting on shoesbride putting on GarterBride looking in mirrorWedding jewelrybride holding champagne glassdiamond ringwedding invitationGroom putting on cufflinksgroom looking out windownavy groom getting ready for weddingmilitary groom holding bouquetbouquet with peonies enemies and striped ribbonbride sitting in chairbride sitting in chair with bird cage veil  wedding dress hanging in stairwellbride in chair birdcage veil boutonnieresbride walking down stairs I love the first look L-O-V-E!bride and grooms first lookfirst look weddingbrie and groom New OrleansNo one ever has to tell her to smile, I think it would be hard for her not to.
bride and groombride and groombride getting on trolley new orleansbride on trolley in new orleansstatue in new orleansYes, you know we hit up Cafe Du Monde every. single. day.
cafe de monde new orleansbeignets cafe du mondewedding party new orleansNavy wedding bridal partybridesmaids orange bouquetnew orleans wedding party in trolleyAmanda & Justin had an amazing New Orleans brass play in the bridal party and the bride, it was unbelievable !brass band at wedding new orleans the galvezThe galvez new orleansThe GalvezThe Galvez WeddingThe Galvez new orleansThe Galvez weddingThe Galvez weddingThe Galvez WeddingThe shot below is my all time favorite picture. She is real, beautiful and has pure joy in her smile.Wedding at The GalvezThe Galvez weddingThe Galvez weddingWedding the GalvezTable seating cardsThe Galvez Wedding receptionThe Galvez weddingThe Galvez weddingThis delicious beast of a cake is called a Croque En Bouche, it is a traditional French pastry.  It was a magnificent camel crunchy filled cream puff, got all that? Or as I call it…Heaven. The Galvez wedding receptionThe Galvez wedding receptionThe Galvez wedding receptionThe Galvez wedding receptionThe wedding and reception was at The Galvez right in the French Quarter in New Orleans, it was right on the Mississippi River. Seriously one of the most gorgeous venues I have ever been to.The Galvez wedding receptionThe galvez wedidngYay, Jeff and I finally got in on a picture with the bride:)The Galvez wedding receptionGood night New Orleans…until we meet againNew Orleans at nightInvites and paper goods: Jenny  Lam


Planner: Kelley Mitchell


Cake: Shane at Zoe’s Bakery

Brass Band for Ceremony: Salty Dog Brass Band -Johnathan Bloom

Band for reception: The New Orleans Suspects 


Dress: Yvonne LaFleur 

Flowers: Bee’s Wedding Design 

Galvez Restaurant 

Jacqueline & Andrew’s Yacht Club Wedding Part 1

I’d like to introduce you to Jacqueline and Andrew, two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.  This is the story of how they met.  While attending college at Florida State, where Jacqueline was studying interior design, she met a friend who had attended high school with Andrew.  Jacqueline did not know at the time that this friend would introduce her to the love of her life.  The intersection of these two lives came together in Orlando where Jacqueline and her friend just happened to stop following a design conference in Tampa.  During the short trip to Orlando to meet up with some friends, Jacqueline and Andrew were introduced.  This intersection would eventually lead two lives that were on two different paths to merge into one long and happy road.  Jacqueline first met with me in January, iPad  with Pintrest board in hand.  The inspiration for their wedding was plastered on those pages and I knew that I was going to love shooting this wedding.  Jacqueline’s taste is amazing and this showed through all the stunning blush and coral details.  She also told me that I have creative freedom with the photos I take, and this means the world to me.  In the months that followed she would keep me posted on her vision and I really tried to portray that vision in the images that follow.  From Andrew’s childhood church to the Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club the energy and excitement and nervousness and beauty could not and would not be overlooked.  Jacqueline and Andrew, Jeff and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us share this incredible day with you, for treating us like family, and for making us feel so welcomed, we will never forget this and are so grateful to have met you guys.

Now I propose a toast, Here’s to the new Mr. and Mrs. Capra, may your days be filled with only laughter and love, Cheers.

Amalie and Jeff

P.S. I am also so excited to say that this gorgeous wedding was just published on Style Me Pretty, so go check it out!

Florida beach wedding letter press invitationsFlorida beach wedding  letter press invitationsFlorida beach wedding brides gown hangingFlorida beach wedding  bride with bird cage veil Florida beach wedding  bride putting on dressFlorida beach wedding  bride with bird cage veil Florida beach wedding  bride with bird cage veil florida beach wedding diamond ringFlorida beach wedding  bride with bird cage veil Florida beach wedding  bride with bird cage veil Florida beach wedding  brides diamond shoesbride putting on shoesFlorida beach wedding  bride holding perfumeJacqueline’s bouquet was gorgeous and smelled divine! She chose a variety of cabbage roses, peonies and ranunculus.Florida beach wedding  bridal bouquetI love these beautiful chiffon dresses from Amsale
Florida beach wedding  pink blush coral bridesmaids dressesFlorida beach wedding pink peonies bridal bouquetFlorida beach wedding bridal party blush pinkFlorida beach wedding  bride and bridesmaid pinkFlorida beach wedding pink wedding Florida beach wedding  bride with palm treesFlorida beach wedding bouitineer peonies Florida beach wedding  groomFlorida beach wedding  groomFlorida beach wedding groomFlorida beach wedding groom Florida beach wedding groomsmenbeach wedding bridal partybeach wedding bridal partyBride hugging groom beach weddingBride and groom on brick wallChurch: St. Christopher Church

Reception venue: Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

Florist: Beth Halpern with Creative Florals

Makeup artist: Katherine Devers

Hair stylist: Tracy Bond

DJ: Thomas Edunk with Accents Sounds & Entertainment

Brides gown: Minerava’s in Orlando

Bridesmaid gowns: Amsale

Groom and Groomsmen suits:  Men’s Warehouse

Orlando Wedding Photographer, Orlando weddings photography

Leslie & Kevin’s picnic wedding

Leslie contacted me awhile back about photographing her and Kevin’s wedding, she told me about her vision of a picnic style wedding and all of the wonderful details of the day, I was so excited I new that her and Kevin’s wedding was going to be amazing! Leslie and Kevin are from Canada but now living in Washington state, they decided to get 35 of their closes friend and family and take a cruise to Florida and stop in Port Canaveral for the day and get married there , what a great idea. It was a beautiful day, insanely hot , but insanely gorgeous, all of Leslie’s ideas came together so well and it turned out beautifully! I am going to need to do another blog post just to fit in all of the goodness. Enjoy ~ Amalie

Wedding planner: Rachel Horan

Catering: Two Chicks & a pot

 Wedding dress: Galina

bride seeing groom for first lookBride and groomat the alterLeslie wanted something a little different from the traditional sand or candle ceremony to join the families together, she decided to have a lavender ceremony where a member from each family lays lavender around the couple for luck. It was gorgeous!laying lavender at weddingLove this ring plate, such a great detail. ring plateBride and groom kissingRing on a peachbride and groom kissingbride and groom in field bride and groom kissingbride and groomLeslie had all the tables set with burlap and lace tablecloths, fresh friut in the baskets and beautiful personal touches everywhere.wedding table set up under a treeEach drink was named for a family name, Long island iced tea, Lavigne lemonade and McLean mulberry punch.

 wedding punchwedding punchwedding punchwedding watermelon champagne Bridesmaid with lemonade in mason jarBeautiful and absolutely delicious food catered by Two chicks and a pot
Picnic weddingyou are loved signlove is sweet signwedding birdhouse initials engravedwedding cans of flowerswedding favorswedding chandelierlavender wedding bouquet
cigar boxes weddingbridesmaid with lavenderbridesmaid with lavenderbridesmaid with lavenderThe gorgeous Leslie and her bridesmaids.bridesmaids bohemian lavenderbride with handkerchiefwedding handkerchiefbride and groom under veil bride with cowboy bootsbride with cowboy bootsbride with cowboy bootsbride and groom kissing shoulderbride and groom with tambourine

Wedding signs: Katie Daisy

 Groom suit: Tommy Hilfiger  Groom tie: J-Crew

Groom tie clip: Club Monaco

 Groom shoes: Steve Madden

Groom ring: Jared (Tungsten Carbide)

Bride ring: Howard (http://www.howard.ca/ , 4.32ct custom emerald cut diamond eternity ring)

Bride earrings: Nest Pretty Things (http://www.nestprettythings.com/)

 Bride hair piece: Serenity Crystal (www.etsy.com/shop/serenitycrystal)

Bride handkerchief: family item

Bride bracelet: a gift from bride’s uncle, brought back all the way from the UAE when his tour was over

Ring plate: Fleamarket find

 Wooden spoons: Dacia Ray (www.etsy.com/shop/daciaray)

Lavender bouquets:Paula’s Garden (www.etsy.com/shop/paulajeansgarden)

Maid dress Jessica: Donna Morgan (www.donna-morgan.com/shop/bridal/icat/bridal/ )

 Maid dress Angela: Jacob