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I am simply obsessed with the color orange, which is perfect since I married into such a fabulous name!  I love orange of all shades from deep coral orange right on down to the perfectly peach .  Anyone that knows me knows I am ADDICTED to Pintrest, yes 32 boards and 1208 pins!  So I thought I would start creating some inspiration of my own and am going to know start a twice  monthly inspiration for all of my lovely brides to be. This I hope will turn into a weekly blog post because I have so many ideas running though my head. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

So go off and get inspired, and if you haven’t done so already sign up for Pintrest. Follow my boards on Pintrest at AmalieOrrange

XOXO ~Amalie

By: Lina Goldberg

                          By:  PottsdesignBy:  Karen Glenn

 By: Design Lotus

This one below has to be my absolute favorite,  I love the peach color peonies with the white tulips, swoon!

By : Stacy DayBy Oscar & Emma

Of course I must show the fabulous wedding of Zack & Melissa that had a pumpkin orange accent which I loved so much. Pumpkin & eggplant who would have thunk it, I think it looks quite chic together!

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