Bobbing for Apples | The last days of Summer

There comes a time, just after summer, when the days are rapidly getting shorter and the temperature hasn’t quite cooled yet, that being a kid turns magical.  It is in this time, when school is in full swing and the weekends never seem long enough, that childhood happens.  Children don’t know that childhood is happening, they are just playing tag, splashing in the pool, and hoping that Friday gets here soon.  But the parents, we know childhood is molding our children into what they will become.  We know that the skinned knees and the skinned hearts and the playgrounds that these happen in, are life’s first training grounds.  We know that the power of friendship is forged in these early days and that any amount of grieving that you may face in this often hard life can be made a bit easier with someone you love by your side.  I see my kids making these memories and it brings me right back to the days when the most important thing was to not miss out on the vital games that my friends might be playing without me.

My kids, along with my nephew Ben, decided the recipe for the day would be only a hose, some soap, a bucket, and some apples.  It took some time to finally get the apples, but once the trick was figured out, it was game on.  I love watching my kids turn an ordinary day into something way more than ordinary.  I want to tell them that what they are doing is not just playing, it’s not just some silly game, it’s so much bigger than that, its childhood.  But I can’t tell them that, all I can do is watch and laugh and hopefully capture some of this childhood on camera.  Because every childhood is magical, no matter what experiences have made it that way.  Here’s to childhood, may it be all that it’s ever supposed to be.

Enjoy~ JeffKids bobbing for apples bobbing for applesBobbing for appleskids playing in sprinklerbobbing for appleskids in sprinklerKids playing in water
kids playing in sprinklerkids playing in sprinklerkids playing in sprinklerkids playing in sprinklerkids playing in sprinkler

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