10 random facts about me

7 is my favorite number, maybe because I was born on the 7th. I just like odd numbers.

My favorite color is Kelly green.

I am scared of clowns, large bodies of water and balloons. Don’t get me by a clown making ballon animals at a pool party….aaaahhh!

I collect orchids, I probably have around 30 or so.

I can never set the microwave to one minute, it has to be an odd number like 57 seconds, I know weird right?

My sweet dog Sophie is a rescue Chiwennie ( half Chihuahua, half Dachshund) I treat her like she is my third child.

I learned French in 4th grade and was quite fluent in it.

When I was little I really did not like my name because none could ever pronounce it correctly, now I am thankful for the uniqueness of it. Thanks Mom!

I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… Mmmm yummy.

I am really super shy.

I love magazines, I am a bit to ADD to read books it takes me a good month to finish one.

I married my best friend,  we grew up right down the street from each other, who would have thunk it!

Okay so that was a few more than 10 , I am sure I could go on and on! Thanks so much for reading, I would love to know some fun things about you.

XOXO~ Amalie

New York City day one | World Trade Center Memorial | Amalie Orrange Photography

I used to believe that my parents knew everything.  My father and mother seemed to know how to handle every situation and answer any question that life could bring to them.  Now I think a bit differently.  I know how difficult decisions can be now.  I know that there is no handbook and even as brave and as confident as you may appear to your children, inside you feel scared and unsure.  I have always known that there would come a day when my children started to ask questions that even their parents would have a difficult time explaining.

This moment came on the very first day of our family vacation to New York City, while visiting the memorial for the World Trade Center.  It was rainy, and it seems appropriate that it was, this hallowed ground was not a joyous place and the weather just solidified that feeling, ominous as I have heard it described.  It is hard to know what a six year old boy is feeling sometimes, but the emotion on the face of my son painted a picture that said he was feeling the same thing as me.  He didn’t speak much while we were there, no one did at first.  Then my daughter, my beautiful, sensitive, loving daughter started asking questions.  At that point I knew that she would get to some questions that I would have to let her figure out on her own.  Her parent, her hero, her all knowing idol would not have the answers to the feelings and the sadness and the hope that she was looking for.  That time came, a private time, shared with one special family that was isolated from the rest of the world grieving as best we knew how for the strangers we had never met, and never would.

All alone, surrounded by hundreds of people, yet standing with only ourselves.  My daughter, at the end of her questions, at the end of her paying respect looked up crying gave me a hug and said, “Daddy can we leave now?”  We did, and the rest of our vacation was filled with fun and laughter and other special moments that families share while on their summer vacations.  But that moment, the one that we shared remembering, that will never, ever leave my heart for as long as I live.  Thank you Amalie for capturing your feelings in these photographs, and thank you for letting me capture these feelings with my words.

World trade center tower

World trade center memorialWorld trade center memorialWorld trade center memorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center Memorial

Goals and other goodness | Amalie Orrange Photography

Amalie Orrange photography Orlando weddings photographer Let me start by saying I am not a writer by any means. I am bad with punctuation, grammar  and use a heap of exclamation points and commas where they probably do not belong, don’t judge.  I figured since we are 6 months into the year I would look at reassessing myself and my goals mid year. Holy mackerel can you believe we are half way through 2012!!!    So now I will put it out into the world and maybe this will help me stay focused and hold myself accountable, or maybe you can hold me accountable:)  I am making a to do list for the next 6 months and yes, I am one of those people that has a to do list for her to do list, a bit of my type A personality shining through.  So here are a few goals that I will accomplish before the new year:

STOP ( yes, I had to do all caps) comparing myself to others in every capacity of my life.  Stop comparing my photography business and my photos to other photographers, I am not them!  I am heading down a different path, in business and in art,  and art is subjective,  there is something for everyone out there.

My parenting skills.  I feel that some moms can spin all the plates at once and they make it seem so easy to have kids and run a business,  I wish I could do it all.  I find myself having the hardest time doing this, because I really want to spend as much time as I did before I started my business with my kids but it is just not possible, and damn you for making it look so easy. (I am writing another whole blogpost on this)

Myself/ my looks/blah blah blah… No, I will never be a skinny minny,  I have had 2 beautiful and amazing children and no matter how much I run or how many sit-ups I do I will never be a size 2. So I must STOP!

Make A schedule   I need this bad, I need to set aside time for myself to run (My free therapy), my business,  my kids and my super amazing supportive husband. When you want to be perfect at everything you can never be 100% in all areas, kind of the jack of all trades master of none thing going on here.

Learn or do something new every month for myself and my business  I have so many things I would love to learn, not just in photography but cooking,  crafting (All of those Pintrest projects) and traveling. I would love to learn about a new place and its history  with the kids and then go there and explore.

So thats a good start, 3 things to hold myself accountable for over the next 6 months. I am hoping in January I will have a fresh slate & a relaxed mind.

I hope to learn from my past,  look ahead to the future and enjoy the process of it all.

XOXO~ Amalie

Sun flare love | Dreamy goodness

Yes, I must admit it  I have a slight obsession with sun flare . I love  the way it adds a bit of fairy tale in a picture the glow that wraps around the subjects to make them look ever so angelic. I often have couples ask me when is the best time to have an engagement session or what time should they schedule their ceremony to get the best light for their pictures. Well, most of it depends on the time of year, but it is always about the hour before the sun sets.

I love to shoot during he “golden hour” this makes everyones skin glow and look so dreamy.  I live by the sunset/sunrise yearly calendar because this will help my brides plan the perfect ceremony time a year in advance.  Check out my Pintrest board for some of my favorite sun flare pics. Here are some recent photos I have taken  with the yumminess of sun flare. Enjoy XOXO~AmalieOrlando Weddings PhotographyOrlando Weddings PhotographyOrlando weddings photographyOrlando Weddings photography

Amanda & Kevin | Downtown Winter Garden | Engagement session

Holy cow, it has been weeks since I have blogged! I am so blessed to be busy and meeting so many amazing couples. I have been having a blast. I absolutely love this couple, this is the first part of my session with Amanda & Kevin. We hit downtown Winter Garden, a charming little town with such cool architecture and so many cute little shops.  I  had so much fun with these two, I can’t wait for your September wedding!Orlando wedding photographer

Orlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographer

Cristina | Downtown Orlando | Church Street Station

I had so much fun on this shoot. Cristina was an amazing model and so freaking funny! I did this shoot back to back with Krista’s (from last weeks post), and these two had me laughing. Cristina, thanks so much for letting me photograph you, I had a blast!

Makeup by Katie McCaskill

Hair by Krista Middleton

Beautiful model Cristina

Orlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerLook at those gorgeous lashes! Orlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerMy favorite with Cristina’s fabulous J-lo hair!  HaHa 🙂 Orlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographerTwo beautiful friends, thanks for making this shoot so fun! XOXOOrlando wedding photographerOrlando wedding photographer

Featured on Style Me Pretty | Zack & Melissa’s wedding | Casa Feliz Winter Park

   I am so excited to see my photographs of Zack & Melissa’s Wedding at Casa Feliz in Winter Park featured on Style Me Pretty Today!  This was a great surprise to me when I woke up this morning.

 Amalie Orrange Style me Pretty Orlando wedding photographerCasa Feliz winter park wedding Style me pretty

Lydia | Princess & The Frog | Engagement | Winter Park

The story of the princess and the frog is a story that has always fascinated me.  And hearing so many stories of lost love with so many  Mr.Wrongs, I have been even more fascinated as of  late.  This frog inspired me and vintage is definitely the only way that I could truly envision this shoot.  I came up with the style and the concept, found the model and backdrop, and everything else fell into place.  This is for all my beautiful friends that deserve to never settle, keep searching and one day you will find your prince, I promise.

Makeup : Katie McCaskill

Model : Lydia G.

Amalie Orrange Photography | Central Florida wedding photographer | Orlando engagement | Princess and the frogBride with Camellias bouquetBride kissing frogBride kissing frogbride kissing frogPinecone and engagement ringbrides shoes on logBride in a fieldBride with engagement ringBride laying in field ring in a birdnestengagement ring in a bird nestbride in a fieldbride laughing in a fieldOrlando wedding photographer

Matt & Maureen Engagement Session | Kraft Azalea Gardens | Winter Park Florida

I had such a great time with Matt & Maureen on their engagement session! We met up at Kraft Azalea Gardens and did some creative shots. I was a perfect Florida day, about 65 degrees and sunny. We took a quick Starbucks break and then headed over to Hannibal Square in Winter Park for a few more shots. I am in love with the picture of Maureen hanging out the second story window, brave girl! I am so excited and honored  to be shooting their wedding in October.  Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographer Orlando Florida wedding photographerAmalie Orrange Photography | Engagement | Kraft Azalea Gardens | Winter Park | Orlando Florida wedding photographer

Wedding Season // Amalie Orrange Photography // Central Florida Weddings

I am ready for wedding season to begin!
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