Caitlin & Robbie’s Ranch Wedding

I have learned so much in this business so far.  I have learned that people love each other for so many different reasons, and even though the paths that brought those people together may be different, the outcome is the same.  Robbie and Caitlin’s path started with warring Indians, fighting to protect their territory.  Alright, so they were tailgating before an Florida State Seminoles game back in 2005.  Never-the-less, it was an exciting time to be a football fan.  This passion showed through when they walked down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife to the Seminole’s fight song.

These two love each other, you can see it in the way that they look at each other.  They also share a love greater than some may ever know, and that’s the love of their little boy Brody.  An amazing, wide eyed boy, who also played a big part in this whole process.  A few weeks after Brody was born, Robbie and Caitlin were walking on a boardwalk and Robbie asked Caitlin to see what Brody had in his hand.  When she leaned forward and opened his fist, he was holding a diamond ring.  The two made sure that Brody was involved throughout the entire process, making him one of the cutest ring bearers that I have seen yet.  Robbie and Caitlin held their wedding at his parent’s beautiful ranch house in St. Cloud FL.  The backdrop could not have been more amazing, horses in the stable and a magnificent lake, not to mention the weather was perfect.  I am so happy that these two invited me into their lives for this amazing event, I am grateful to you both.

Here’s to the amazing new family, may you always love like you do today.


LOVED Caitlin’s bouquet of peonies!Groom and groomsmengroom and his sonYou know I had to throw some details of the barn in there!Bridesmaid with BouquetRings on wedding pillowCaitlin had the most gorgeous dress, I especially loved the back detailing with the cutout .Bride with flowers looking over shoulderAre these kids not the cutest ever!Ring bearer and flower girl in fieldLakeside weddingLove this picture of Robbie smiling at his soon to be wife. Groom smiling at brideBride smiling at groomringer bearer hugging brideAfter the ceremony we headed out to the field right on the side of Robbie’s parents house for a few quick photos of the fabulous new couple.Bride and groom kissing in field Bride and groom with childBride and groom in field Bride and groomBride and groom in fieldBride and groom at ranch wedding floridaOrlando wedding photography, Orlando weddings photographer

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