The first look

We  L-O-V-E the first look.

There are few days that you plan for as much as your wedding day.  You spend hours on details, invitations, venues, food and guest lists.  This can all seem overwhelming and sometimes the intimate moments and the romantic feel of the day can escape you.  I tell everyone that the best advice I can give is to take five minutes every once in a while to just look around, see the day that you and your loved one have created and take a long look at the real reason you are here, your new spouse.

We are huge fans of first looks for just this reason.  It forces you to slow down and take note, quitely, intimately, and with the solitude that is so deserved on a wedding day.  The hustle and bustle of getting family and bridal parties and group photos done before making your big entrance into the reception can be nerve racking even in the most well planned and organized occasions.  The tradition of seeing the bride for the first time when she walks down the aisle, is something that can also be very breathtaking.  And as breathtaking as this moment is, it is also a very public moment.  We have found that sometimes the emotions can be a little more guarded when all eyes are on you.  The moment when all of this hard work, expectations and emotions meet is probably my favorite part of this job.  Seeing the tears, the laughs, the endless joy is something that many people don’t get to see on a regular basis and we have been blessed enough to photograph these moments for the most deserving people.

Every couple is different and every wedding is different as well, that is what we love so much about my job.  We enjoy being a calming voice during a chaotic and sometimes stressful day.  We enjoy looking back on the images that we have the pleasure to capture probably as much as the bride and groom themselves do.  We feel lucky to meet the people that we do and take part in the merging of two lives.  We want everyone to be able to see their day as something that happened exactly the way that they thought it would.  We always encourage a first look and see this as a way for couples to really focus on each other, before the festivities begin.  We also realize the first look is not the traditional approach but we guess we have always taken pride in “not being a traditional photographers “.  But we also understand that the image of seeing your groom or your bride for the first time surrounded by family and friends is and always will be an emotional moment that many people look forward to.  Just keep in mind that this moment will still happen, but with the first look, you got a little head start on the rest of the world.

 Most of our couples decide to do a first look for these reasons:

1.It is a great time to steal those last few moments together before all of the busyness of the day begins.

2.You get to spend time together and sooth all those nerves leading up to the ceremony time.

3. You get phenomenal pictures without the rush of  the sun going down or the rush of getting family, bridal party and you and your spouse photographs all crammed into the cocktail hour.

4. You get to enjoy your cocktail party with your friends and family.

5. And best of all you get that amazing moment of seeing each other  all over again as you walk down the aisle.

Here is such a breathtaking first look sequence with Sarah & Dave.

XO~Amalie & Jeff

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