10 random facts about me

7 is my favorite number, maybe because I was born on the 7th. I just like odd numbers.

My favorite color is Kelly green.

I am scared of clowns, large bodies of water and balloons. Don’t get me by a clown making ballon animals at a pool party….aaaahhh!

I collect orchids, I probably have around 30 or so.

I can never set the microwave to one minute, it has to be an odd number like 57 seconds, I know weird right?

My sweet dog Sophie is a rescue Chiwennie ( half Chihuahua, half Dachshund) I treat her like she is my third child.

I learned French in 4th grade and was quite fluent in it.

When I was little I really did not like my name because none could ever pronounce it correctly, now I am thankful for the uniqueness of it. Thanks Mom!

I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… Mmmm yummy.

I am really super shy.

I love magazines, I am a bit to ADD to read books it takes me a good month to finish one.

I married my best friend,  we grew up right down the street from each other, who would have thunk it!

Okay so that was a few more than 10 , I am sure I could go on and on! Thanks so much for reading, I would love to know some fun things about you.

XOXO~ Amalie

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