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Amalie Orrange photography Orlando weddings photographer Let me start by saying I am not a writer by any means. I am bad with punctuation, grammar  and use a heap of exclamation points and commas where they probably do not belong, don’t judge.  I figured since we are 6 months into the year I would look at reassessing myself and my goals mid year. Holy mackerel can you believe we are half way through 2012!!!    So now I will put it out into the world and maybe this will help me stay focused and hold myself accountable, or maybe you can hold me accountable:)  I am making a to do list for the next 6 months and yes, I am one of those people that has a to do list for her to do list, a bit of my type A personality shining through.  So here are a few goals that I will accomplish before the new year:

STOP ( yes, I had to do all caps) comparing myself to others in every capacity of my life.  Stop comparing my photography business and my photos to other photographers, I am not them!  I am heading down a different path, in business and in art,  and art is subjective,  there is something for everyone out there.

My parenting skills.  I feel that some moms can spin all the plates at once and they make it seem so easy to have kids and run a business,  I wish I could do it all.  I find myself having the hardest time doing this, because I really want to spend as much time as I did before I started my business with my kids but it is just not possible, and damn you for making it look so easy. (I am writing another whole blogpost on this)

Myself/ my looks/blah blah blah… No, I will never be a skinny minny,  I have had 2 beautiful and amazing children and no matter how much I run or how many sit-ups I do I will never be a size 2. So I must STOP!

Make A schedule   I need this bad, I need to set aside time for myself to run (My free therapy), my business,  my kids and my super amazing supportive husband. When you want to be perfect at everything you can never be 100% in all areas, kind of the jack of all trades master of none thing going on here.

Learn or do something new every month for myself and my business  I have so many things I would love to learn, not just in photography but cooking,  crafting (All of those Pintrest projects) and traveling. I would love to learn about a new place and its history  with the kids and then go there and explore.

So thats a good start, 3 things to hold myself accountable for over the next 6 months. I am hoping in January I will have a fresh slate & a relaxed mind.

I hope to learn from my past,  look ahead to the future and enjoy the process of it all.

XOXO~ Amalie

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