These meaningful, magical days

I woke up today and got a visit from a friend.  This friend was nostalgia, he comes from time to time and makes me stop, if only for a few minutes, and realize that these days are fleeting.  I watch my children and see the wonder that is still in their eyes, and wonder how long it will stay.  I want to capture every one of these moments, preserve them and take myself back to these places whenever this old friend comes to visit.  I want to remember the laughs, the squeals, the hugs, the hand holding, the spinning, the dancing, the falling, the flailing. Did I say the hugs?  I even want to remember the cries and the fights, they change just as fast as my kids do.

I was watching a video with my little boy from two years ago and could almost not even recognize him.  His school will be changing next year, and along with that his friends, his likes, and his dislikes.  He is turning into a little man, and although I welcome every phase, I also long for every phase.  My little girl, so grown up, wakes up early every morning, and in an effort to let me sleep, sometimes makes her own breakfast.  When did she even get big enough to climb on the counter and reach her own bowl?  My little people, who are getting so grown up, but still laugh at fart jokes, and still want to wrestle, and still want to snuggle.

These summer days are ordinary, but I think that is what makes them so magical.  I hope that you enjoy every second, or at least every other second, slow down and capture it all.

One thought on “These meaningful, magical days

  1. Love this, Amalie…thanks for putting this out there on a Monday morning of a super-busy week ahead. Puts it all in perspective…and maybe I’ll even take some time to ENJOY being a jungle gym for a change! Have a great week! 😉

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